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AD16-22DS Signal lamp

AD16-22DS Signal lamp
AD16-22DS Signal lamp

1. Model:
AD136-22DS Signal lamp (indicator light, pilot light)
2. Features:

     LED round flush lens.
     High brightness LED lighting
     Fast and easy to install
     Mounting size:Φ22/25mm common use
     Protection degree of the top part: IP65. IP67 is available on request.
     Color: R-red, Y-yellow, B-blue, G-green, W-white
     Rated Voltage:6V, 12V, 24V, 110V – AC/DC
                                   220V, 380V, 440V AC
3. Application
    This series signal lamp (indicator light, pilot light) are used as indicating, accidental signals and other pilot signal of instrument circuit in the areas of electric power, telecommunication, machinery, marine, textile, printing, mining etc.

4. Technical Parameters
Life of continuous working ≥ 30000h
Allowable instantaneous voltage fluctuation: ±20%
Comparative tracking index (CTI)≥100,flame retardant
Power frequency withstand voltage:2.5kV
Insulation resistance:≥50MΩ

5. Dimension

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